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VSC Closed a $9 Million Round

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

VSC Closed a $9 Million Round and is Launching AI Chips Co.

We are proud to announce that VSC has received investments of more than $9 million. The round was co-led by Hotung Group and Trillion Fund under Morningside Group. VSC is launching its VSC platform on Christmas Day and will list AI Chips Co., an exciting AI and chips startup, as its first project open for co-investment in Q1 2019.

AI Chips Co. ( is an AI and chips innovation, IP and investment holding company focusing on investment in and implementation of AI, semiconductor and software innovations and IP solutions. We have been working with some top academic and industry experts in both the U.S. and Greater China on several exciting applications for more than a year and we will showcase them on our VSC platform soon. Please stay tuned!

Promoting Blockchain for the Future of FinTech

Our VSC founder spoke at the Taiwan Venture Capital Association Annual Investment Forum on December 6th together with distinguished guests Carl Wegner, Head of Asia at R3 and Professor Dr. Shih-Wei Liao, the top blockchain tech expert in Taiwan. This year, blockchain was the central theme of the forum and our founder analyzed why blockchain can bring a FinTech revolution and urged Taiwan regulators to promulgate clear, light touch regulations in order to attract global talent and capital. VSC’s lead investor, Hotung Group, is one of the oldest and most reputable VCs in Taiwan, and its Chairman is co-currently the Chairman of the Taiwan Venture Capital Association.

VSC founder promoting AI Chips Co. and VSC blockchain co-investment platform at the Taiwan Venture Capital Association Annual Investment Forum

Co-investment Opportunity: The Most Innovative AI Chips Company

On December 14th, AI Chips Co. co-founder was invited to speak at an "AI Chip Moonshot Program" dinner. The Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology’s AI Chip Moonshot Program is the most important industrial pilot program connecting key players in the AI industry with leaders in academia to build an AI innovation ecosystem and bolster national competitiveness in the global playin­­g field. The program has the backing of local powerhouses such as MediaTek Inc. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. AI Chips Co. co-founder took the opportunity to welcome partnerships with professors and teams actively researching in the field.

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