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VSC Becomes the First Ever Startup Officially Invited to Join the New AWS JIC in Taiwan

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Founder of VSC Ecosystem Inc., Head of AWS Joint Innovation Center in Taiwan, Founder of AI Chips Co. (L to R)

We are excited to announce that VSC is the first ever startup to be officially invited to join the new AWS Joint Innovation Center (JIC) in Taiwan! VSC has the distinguished honor to be selected by the AWS JIC as a model startup. We are privileged to carry this distinction and eager to work with AWS to make it a success!

Our founders were invited by AWS Taiwan and Hong Kong General Manager Robert Wang as VIPs to the 3rd Annual AWS Startup Day on October 23 along with esteemed guests such as CEO of Taiwan’s sovereign investment fund David Weng, Ministry of Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Kung Ming-Hsin, and top VCs such as WI Harper and Hotung Venture Group.

At VSC, we have been incubating and investing in the most innovative startups for public investors and aim to revolutionize the traditional startup funding model.

The first startup to be showcased on the VSC platform is an award-winning AI chips IP solution provider called AI Chips Co. Artificial intelligence may become one of the most transformative technologies in human history. We anticipate explosive growth in this field in the coming decades and we have invested in AI Chips Co. to combine Taiwan’s semiconductor leadership with cutting edge AI functions of international powerhouses such as AWS.

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