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VCLink Officially Launched!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

VCLink,, the VC co-investment platform built by VSC that allows qualified members to co-invest with top VCs in select early-stage deals has officially launched!

The creation of VCLink is the first step towards realizing VSC’s vision of giving more investors access to previously unavailable high VC returns. There’s still more work to be done to achieve our goal, but we are proud to be taking concrete steps in the right direction.

“Link to the Best VC Deals”

VCLink has three primary aims:

  • Open up traditionally closed VC investment opportunities to qualified individual investors

  • Make high VC returns available to qualified individual investors and provide liquidity

  • Drive innovation, help good projects get funded, and create a virtuous cycle

The Link Between VSC and VCLink

VSC will facilitate the running of VCLink which includes getting more good projects listed on the platform and getting more qualified co-investors involved. VSC will also be making investments in each of the projects listed on VCLink.

Currently, it is all hands on deck for the VSC team in running the platform. We will be working closely with our Anchor VCs, Morningside and Hotung, as well as with the startup projects listed on VCLink.

VCLink a Game Changer in VC Investing

Each of the projects listed on VCLink will already have received investment backing from our anchor VCs as well as VSC. This is truly a unique and valuable opportunity since every listed project has gone through thorough due diligence and is strongly supported by reputable VCs so the success rate and returns will be much higher.

All investments carry capital risk, especially early stage ventures, but we believe that co-investing alongside experienced institutional investors in ventures with great potential upside rather than relying solely on personal research is something that individual investors want and need. VCLink provides individual investors with this unique opportunity.

AI Chips Co., the First Project Listed on VCLink

With our launch of the VCLink platform, we are proud to list AI Chips Co. as the first startup project to carry the distinction of Project #1.

AI Chips Co. is an AI and chips innovation, IP and investment holding company focusing on startups in autonomous cars, medical, and smart retail areas.

AI Chips Co. has already received US$5M from our Anchor VCs and has allocated US$1M for investment in this round from our qualified co-investors on VCLink. Get qualified for co-investment on VCLink.

For more information or to find out more about the deal terms, visit and click on ‘Ongoing Project’, or visit to learn more about AI Chips Co.

VCLink: Where We Are Now

Currently on VCLink, you can take a look at our first co-investment project AI Chips Co. and learn more about the deal, including who’s involved. You can also get qualified for co-investment by completing our Investor Qualification process after you sign up. Finally, you can get a sneak peek preview of the projects currently in the pipeline. Check out everything for yourself at!

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