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The Secret to Success in Xiaomi’s IPO: Critical Thinking Outweighs Hard Work

Photo by Shuvro Mojumder on Unsplash.

In July 2011, Xiaomi received a US$41 million Series A investment by Morningside Ventures, Qiming Ventures, IDG, and the Xiaomi founding team. It was valued at US$250 million at the time.

Before the listing, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun was the largest shareholder with 31.1296% of the shares followed by Morningside with 17.193% and Xiaomi President Lin Bin with 13.3286%.

During the July 2018 IPO, Morningside sold 29% of its shares, cashing out at HK$10 billion.

In 2014, Richard Liu, cofounder and general partner of Morningside Ventures, shared on the topic of entrepreneurship which reveals logic behind Morningside’s 866x investment in Xiaomi.


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