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AI Chips Co. wins the Innovation of Things Award

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

AI Chips Co., invested by VSC, wins the 2018 Innovation of Things Award

AI Chips Co., the first startup invested by VSC and its anchor VCs, won the Innovation of Things Award and Pitch Off Competition in Singapore on September 20, 2018. AI Chips Co. was unanimously selected by the judges as the sole winner of this year’s award.

Featured at the heart of several major exhibitions including The AI Summit Singapore, Consensus Singapore, 5G Asia, Internet of Things World and Project Kairos, the AI Chips Co. team had the privilege of showcasing to more than 8,000 visitors over two days and connecting with several prospective early investors.

Of the hundreds of exhibitors attending, notable guests to the highly anticipated event included industry heavyweights such as Huawei, Cisco, Intel, and Verizon as well as high-level speakers from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and CZ from Binance.

The AI Chips Co. team is delighted and honored to be recognized from a total of 28 competing startups as the most innovative and forward-looking project. AI Chips Co. is an AI and chips IP solutions provider specializing in advancing AI, semiconductor and software innovation and implementation worldwide. AI Chips Co. uses blockchain for innovation collaboration, IP right recordation, effective license distribution and control as well as incentive calculation and allocation.

For more information on AI Chips Co. and the upcoming co-investment opportunity for this award-winning company, please visit or email:

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