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Startup Selection and Support

Startups featured on our fundraising project platform, VCLink, go through a careful selection process. We also invest in them, aligning our interests with all investors. 


Quality Sourcing

Startups will be sourced from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Joint Innovation Centers (JICs), anchor VCs, incubators, and startup competitions. 


AWS JIC Acceleration

Qualified startups will undergo AWS JIC acceleration, a six month boot camp that provides mentorship and training. 


Careful Selection

We will select top-class AWS JIC startups, invest in them ourselves, and further accelerate them before the co-investment process begins.


Continued Support Until Exit

After the startup is funded, we will continue to support and monitor the startup until its exit, arranging for later round investments and implementing safeguards for exit.

Co-Investment Process

An anchor VC, a leading VC from Greater China or Silicon Valley, is secured for the startup.

Investors go through a KYC process to be eligible to invest in startups on VCLink, our fundraising platform.

Investors invest their VSCoins into startups alongside the anchor VC, and receive equity interest and a Project Interest Certificate (PIC).

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